wanderingartist234 asked:

hey! I am considering the University of Nottingham for Contemporary Chinese Studies. How do you like the Ningbo campus and would you recommend it? Thanks :)

Hey :) I can’t tell you about Ningbo campus academically as I am based on University Campus for my degree and was only out in China as part of the media team covering the University’s Tricampus Games- but socially it was pretty cool and I had a really good time when I was out there. For a Chinese studies student I can see the appeal of the campus, its really close to the main city, and though the campus is English speaking you defiantly got the Chinese culture. The campus was nice, it is a smaller and hotter version of University park campus, which was nice and familiar. All the students I met out there seemed to really like to campus and I didn’t hear a bad word against it. Sorry I can’t really be that much help! But Nottingham is an awesome University and I have loved my 2 years here so far, and can’t believe I only have 1 left to enjoy it!